Linda Norquist

2640 Media Co-Founder | Latino Market Strategist | Digital Marketing Expert
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Linda Norquist, MBA

Linda Norquist is a marketing and digital media strategist who understands the importance of creating culturally relevant campaigns to connect brands and organizations to the explosively growing Latinx market in the US.

Linda’s passion for marketing and people have allowed her to build an extensive network thorough a myriad of industries which have helped her clients achieve impactful results.

Prior to founding 2640 Media, Linda worked in the banking industry where she had the opportunity to perfection her sales experience and was able to grow B2B sales by 120% in only one quarter. The banking industry provided Linda with the opportunity to learn about digital marketing and e-commerce, skills that Linda has expanded and combined with her creativity to position clients within the intended target audiences.

Linda received a BA from Universidad Externado de Colombia and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. She was selected as a business mentor for the U.S Bank HSN American Dreams in 2017, a project designed to help Latino entrepreneurs launch new products.

Linda believes that giving back is imperative for the health of any society, and as a result, she has mentored over 100 small business owners throughout her career. She currently serves on the board of directors for Xico Inc, a non-profit Latin & Native American Arts organization. She is also part of the Monarch Council at Desert Botanical Garden and serves on various committees by helping create new events, exhibitions, and programs that resonate with the Latino market in Phoenix. Additionally, Linda mentors and is a frequent guest speaker at Hustle PHX, a non-profit organization designed to mentor start-up businesses.

Linda’s mantra is “Don’t Follow, Lead”, she believes in the importance of leading change instead of chasing it. In a world of constant change, the future of a brand or organization can’t be predicted exactly, but it can be imagined. Today, brands compete with new technologies, empowered customers, changing public attitudes, new competitors and more. Now more than ever, it is imperative to position brands in a way that is memorable for consumers by recognizing the changing landscape.